“I especially enjoyed working with your film liaison for the City of Pasadena, Ariel Penn, who was extremely helpful to us on numerous occasions.” – Steven Spielberg, in May 2002 letter to Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard

Ariel Penn has worked in film related production for over twenty-five years.  She was a filming manager for both West Hollywood, CA and Pasadena, CA.  She marketed these jurisdictions to production companies as a potential film location.

In West Hollywood, Ariel handled  location logistics, on the City’s behalf. Some of her projects included Oliver Stone’s “The Doors” and Steve Martin’s “L.A. Story.” During her tenure, Oliver Stone required a complete shut down of the Sunset Strip for a number of days in a row which Ariel helped coordinate.

Oliver Stone’s “The Doors” shoot on the Sunset Strip

In Pasadena, she assisted the City with logistics on over 9,000 projects during her career. This  included the movies  “Kill Bill,” “Father of the Bride,” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” For years, Ariel worked with shoe string government budgets. As a result, she produced most of the marketing materials to promote the city by doing a lot of the work herself. This involved everything from creating graphics to producing promo films.

Stills from filming in Pasadena including Clint Eastwood’s “The Changeling” and the tv series, “Parks and Rec.”

Ariel Penn, 2014 L.A. Emmy Nominee
Public, Municipal, & Operator Produced Cable
“Pasadena: Crown City”

Ariel Penn, Executive Producer of 1993 L.A. Emmy Winning Project in “Creative Technical Crafts” &
Nominee for “Public, Municipal, Operator Produced Cable” for “Times Have Changed: Filming in Pasadena”
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