In November 2019, Ariel’s essay on her work with former Congresswoman Katie Hill was chosen and showcased by the political editors from Medium.com for their GEN publication. Ariel also published a couple of additional articles during 2019 at Medium.com:

Discovering the Fountain of Youth at Age 56 (and It’s Owned by the U.S. Government)

30 Tips for Successfully Recovering After an Hysterectomy

Ariel majored in English as a UCLA undergrad. She went on to receive  her B.A. in Liberal Studies at Antioch University (1989). During her time at Antioch, Ariel stayed an extra year to finish a double major in  English and Business Administration. 

In 2017,  she completed the UCLA Creative Nonfiction Writing Certificate program (Awarded with Distinction). Her project at UCLA was  her memoir, “The Mrs. Club.”

Stonewall Writers


Ariel is the founder of Stonewall Writers, an online community of  readers and writers of LGBT literature.

Stonewall Writers has both an active Facebook Group and website which features writing excerpts from recently published works by LGBT authors. The site includes a digest of the latest writing tips from a variety of sources and a “Greats” salon where visitors can click on the image of an acclaimed LGBT author and view a video of the author’s reading their own work. Feel free to visit us!

The Mrs. Club: A Memoir on the Birth of Marriage Equality
& the Mysteries of Finding a Bride

Ariel Penn writes

Ariel is working on a new memoir  about witnessing a critical moment in history: the birth of marriage equality.  In the mid-1980’s, Ariel served as an assistant to the West Hollywood City Council.

During that same time, America experienced a conservative Renaissance. This included twelve years of less-than-moderate GOP control of the U.S. Presidency and the dominant presence of the “Moral Majority” in media and culture.  Adding to the isolation of the LGBT community, the entire country was gripped by fear over a strange, new plague affecting mainly gay men: AIDS.

Success During Hostile Times

Although it was hostile period for LGBT people, Ariel and a couple dozen young workers and elected officials at West Hollywood City Hall pushed forward.  In Pride. In their tiny 1.9 square mile City, the Council adopted the first law registering  same sex partners in the U.S. In the process, they unwittingly sparked the whole marriage equality movement in America.

Crazy Pipe Dream to Law of the Land

Ariel assisted a City task force charged with figuring out how the new law worked and what it could mean for same sex partners. In completing this task,  they created a framework of  rights the inspired millions in the LGBT community. Years later, these same rights were enshrined by the marriage equality Supreme Court decision that  became the law of the land.

Front Row Seat

Essentially, Ariel sat  front row during the birth of this amazing movement when it was still considered a crazy pipe dream.  During her work life with West Hollywood, she met many courageous LGBT pioneers.  She learned first-hand how making  change locally can also change the world. Ariel  describes the rollercoaster of marriage equality’s ups and downs and how it almost died before it got started. And she reveals her own personal quest of becoming an adult, finding a healthy relationship and meeting the woman who would become her bride.


Ariel appeared in the book “The Best Advice in Six Words,” Edited by Larry Smith released in 2015.
                     “Let karma do your dirty work.”



Ariel Penn writes


 Ariel graduated with distinction from the UCLA Creative Nonfiction Program in 2017.