“White Cards: A Response to Jean Arp” by Ariel Penn

                          Are there any white cards?
                          Engraved invitations
                          To roll around nude
                          Card matching skin
                          Skin matching card 
                          Like a Kardashian.

                        Pigeon-shit white
                        Sticking, dripping on everyone
                        Leaving trails 
                        On everything.

                       Like foam
                       Spewed from mouths
                       That must be right.
                       Pulled from America
                       In the middle of the night.

                      Leaving red and blue
                      To fend for themselves.
                      White has abdicated.

                     Are there any white cards?
                     Held like exploding kittens
                     Played by the select few
                     Whenever they want
                     To devastating affect.

                    Are there any white cards?
                    Like a joker laughing
                    At Martin Luther King.
                   Barking, baiting, aging
                   Knowing the house always wins.

                  White card, white card
                  Offered up
                  Like a side of Russian dressing
                  Or a nesting doll

                Mindless and afraid
                It can’t rule the world